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Why You Should Host Your WordPress Website on a VPS?

Full Isolation

Isolated hosting environment keeps the server resources for your own use.

Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 20.04 for virtual machine operating system.

PHP 7.4

The latest version of php, recommended by WordPress team.

3.+ GHz Powerful CPU

Powered by Intel server, level up your WordPress website performance.

Nginx + FastCGI

Handle more requests but consume less resources with FastCGI caching.

WordPress 7G Firewall

Block bad bots and SQL injection, keep your WordPress website safe.


Host your website on solid state drive storage, enjoy incredibly fast I/O speed.

Redis Cache

Increase site proformance by reducing the queries that go directly the your database.

SSL Certificate

Free SSL certificate powered by Let's Encrypt with automatic renewal.

Learn How 7G Firewall can help to enhance your WordPress website.

7G Firewall is a lightweight security solution specifically for WordPress website. Discover how the firewall rules strengthen the protection of your WordPress website by blocking the bad bots, prevent caching poisoning and SQL injection into your database.
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Do you need DDoS Protection for VPS

Do you need DDoS Protection for your VPS and WordPress website?

From the answer given by Ninjafirewall team, DDoS protection seems not a Must-Have if you are running a normal business. However, if you really care to protect your site, VPS with DDoS protection is available.

No more hassle in managing your WordPress website hosted on virtual machine

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